December Musings

How are we already in Christmas week? There are only 4 more sleeps to go. I feel like when you were a child Christmas would take ages to come. But as an adult, we literally blink and it goes from 1st December to Christmas Eve without warning.

I knew from the onset that December would be busy. And often with lots of things to look forward to, time really does fly. I guess this post is just about reflecting on that busy time and sharing with you what I have been up to.

Seeing as I am currently almost 34 weeks pregnant I think I have found a good balance of being sociable and chilling out this festive month. If i didn’t find the balance I am pretty sure my body would be alerting me. But regardless of carrying round an 8 month bump, I really wanted to enjoy December to the max. Especially as it is my last one without a baby!

Out and About

December obviously started with us choosing our Christmas tree. We’ve gone back to having a real one this year and it has brought me a lot of joy this month. My favourite thing to do in December is just watch a film in front of the fairy lights.

It also wouldn’t be Christmas month, yes month, without numerous trips to the Christmas Markets. This year we have been to the Liverpool ones (a few times) and Chester. With friends we do an annual festive trip to Chester to shop, drink, and eat. And this year we were even lucky enough to stumble across an outdoor Carol Concert there which was lovely.

I love a good Christmas market. Me and Ste went to Prague one year to enjoy theirs, which were amazing. Hopefully one December soon I can get to see the Munich or Vienna markets, I’ve heard great things.

In amongst work, decorating, shopping and wrapping it’s been so wonderful to be able to catch up and celebrate with friends. One special stand out moment was having one of my best friends home & meeting her baby girl. I’ve also managed to get dressed up a few times and head out for a lovely meal & a family party.

Feel free to enjoy the slide show of pictures in this post.

Getting In The Festive Spirit

After last Christmas being a tough one for everyone, we were determined to make the most of this year. I know it’s currently got very difficult again for lots of people, which is just so sad and frustrating that we have come full circle and we feel no different a year on. But I made it my own mission to feel as festive as possible, no matter what this month brought.

It’s been the little moments for me this month that have made it special. Even getting stressed over wrapping. I know it gives you back ache at the best of times, but wrapping when pregnant is a different ball game!

I’ve loved sitting with Ste most evenings and watching back to back Christmas films. We’ve still got quite a few to get through over these next few days.

It’s been great to feel like a big kid again and hunt down the best local Christmas light displays. We’ve found some amazing ones, and you totally feel like you’re in Deck The Halls walking past them all.

The impromptu trips out, in all kinds of weather, to hunt down the best festive flavoured drinks. The After Eight Hot Chocolate wins for me.

Swapping presents with friends and family, and doing our annual secret Santa.

These are the moments for me that make December truly special and magical.

Wishing You A Merry Christmas

I hope if you are reading this now, that your Christmas plans haven’t changed too much. And if they have, I hope that you can still enjoy this time with either family or friends.

When things are thrown in to chaos it really does make us reflect on what really matters to us. For me that is knowing my family are happy & healthy. And if a present doesn’t make it in time, or a party has to be postponed, then it just prolongs the fun. Gives us something to look forward to in the future.

I hope all of your Decembers have been lovely. If you’re still dashing round to finalise things, don’t forget to also pick up a treat for yourself. This is us today, running around finishing off gifts.

This will be my last post of 2021, but I will be back in January with more Baby Diaries & I also might share a what I got for Christmas, or what I got up to over the break. Let me know if these are something you would like to see and read.

All that is left for me to say is, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I hope it’s healthy and happy and that you are all spoilt by loved ones.

Take care everyone. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Jessi xoxo

Please do let me know what’s been your favourite moments of December. Are you all ready for Christmas? And if you have any questions of anything I’ve shared, then please, just pop it all below in the comments.

I’d love to hear from you if you read this post.


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