A Well Overdue Life Catch Up!

Well hello there, and a big welcome back to Jessi Lou Blog. That’s for me and you! Let’s have a catch up.

It’s been 6 months since I wrote. Before Christmas I was heavily pregnant, excited and expectant about the future and what was to come. Well now here we are, our beautiful baby arrived, hence the reason for not having much time to write. But I really do have a lot to catch you up on.

Introducing Beauden

Life Update. New Mum. Baby Boy. Boy Mum Life. UK Blogger. Mum Blog.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you won’t have met our little Beaudie. Beauden Albert Milton was born on 26th January, so he has now just turned 5 months. He’s such a wonderful, dreamy boy. I am not going to lie, I am still getting to grips with motherhood. I think it’s something I’ll be getting to grips with for the rest of my life to be honest. But certainly these early days and months have been a challenge and a huge learning curve.

It is true what they say that nothing can prepare you for becoming new parents. No baby is the same, so no journey is the same. We got lots of good advice in the early days that helped so much, but we’ve just been winging it from the start to the honest.

Beauden at 5 months is smiling, laughing, loves to play, and can almost sit up on his own. He loves to use his little legs when standing on you. He’s just become aware of food and watches us like a hawk. He responds to music in such a lovely way, and if he’s having a mini meltdown taking him outside to look at the trees and flowers really calms him down.

Bump To Baby

Life Update. New Mum. Baby Boy. Boy Mum Life. UK Blogger. Mum Blog.

I am planning on writing up my birth story. I loved reading different ones when pregnant so I hope mine helps someone. For now though I’ll do a very quick summary. I was in labour (slow and active) for aroud 60 hours. My contractions started at 12.30am on the Monday, and Beauden was born the Wednesday at 1.02pm. It was a long slog that turned into an unplanned caesarean. Not really any of it was a part of our birth plan, but regardless of how my labour progressed we remained calm and Beaudie came out in a lovely environment.

Baby Beaudie was a little dream. He’s had his bouts of sleepless nights, reflux and the witching hour, just like any other baby, on the whole though he’s been so good. He would only cry to let us know things, and still does this now. He’s got better and better with his sleep (of a night that is, he hates day naps, just wants to be awake with us!). From day one he has been such an alert baby, we couldn’t believe in the early days how much he’d lock eyes with us & all the new people he met.

Life Update. New Mum. Baby Boy. Boy Mum Life. UK Blogger. Mum Blog.

The baby bubble days seem like they came and went so quickly. I think because this was our first baby we didn’t know how to embrace the baby bubble. We questioned contact naps, worried over cluster feeding, stressed about not walking him for a week in the pram. It’s hard for me to look back on the early weeks as I wish I had embraced them more rather than worry and stress. Turns out though that these feelings were caused by my hormones being all over the place and a bout of baby blues.

What’s Coming On The Blog

The 4th trimester is a part of pregnancy that isn’t spoken about enough. This is generally the period of time that is the first 3 months after your baby is born. In truth it was the hardest part of pregnancy for me. I wish I had read more about it and prepared myself for how a new mother can feel in this time.

I started the baby diaries on my blog when pregnant, and only got round to sharing a few posts. My first trimester is here, and sat in drafts are my second and third trimester. I will share them as although time has flown by I hope they might help others when reading them. The fourth trimester is still fresh in my mind so this will also be up there soon.

Life Update. New Mum. Baby Boy. Boy Mum Life. UK Blogger. Mum Blog.

Slowly but surely I am regaining some time in my week back that’s purely for me. Either I’m heading out to see a show, meeting up with friends for a coffee or meal, or getting my hair done. That first post pregnancy hair appointment was bliss. So thankfully I am able to schedule in time now to head out to review experiences for the blog. There will be lots coming up that I can’t wait to share.

It’s really hard to split your time between being a Mum and wanting Me-Time. The Mum guilt is real. I’ve also found out I am lot more stressed over leaving Beauden even just for a few hours than I thought I would be. But it’s so important to me that I get that time away to recharge & reenergise so I feel like my best self again.

I love my blog, writing posts and having this special outlet that has brought me amazing opportunities. It’s a real passion of mine to grow my site and make it a place where I regularly post. I love sitting in bed and searching for my favourite blog sites and reading new posts. If you’re a blog reader then you’ll know how nice it is to search for your favourite bloggers and see new posts are up. I want that for my site, I want you guys as readers to check here weekly for posts and there’s new content.

Hopes For The Rest Of The Year

Seeing as my 2022 started by having a baby, I didn’t get chance to write a new years resolution post. To be honest I really didn’t set myself many resolutions. The main one was to become the best mum I could be, and I am learning and working on this every day. My other resolution is when I was ready I would dedicate my time to my blog and grow it as much as possible. Now Beauden is 5 months and we’re in some sort of feeding/nap routine I can plan my time to write now.

Life Update. New Mum. Baby Boy. Boy Mum Life. UK Blogger. Mum Blog.

I really hope you’ll stick with me as I find my feet again in the blogosphere. Drop me a comment below of what posts you would like to see coming up. Also, drop me a comment if you’ve come over from Instagram or you’re just a blog reader of mine. It will be wonderful to hear from you.

Right now I will have to dash, as I have a feeling my little one will be waking from nap time pretty soon.

Take care, and I’ll be back very soon.

Jessi xoxo


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